Saturday, November 13, 2004

25 Hour Precipitous Delivery - Part 1

Yay! She had the baby. I'd been up since 5am and Athena was really pounding my head (but not quite as bad as when I almost called 911), so I left childbirth class early so I could go home and go to bed. On the way home, I called Sarah and I was hungry, so we were going to stop at Wendy's for a quick bite (she was on-duty).

She'd waited for me at the end of the ramp, but I headed to the next exit as she got onto the highway in front of me to do the same. She was further ahead and I couldn't see her, but I expected to at the light at the end of the ramp. When I didn't, I asked where she was and she told me as a red Izuzu came flying past me and the ran a way red light and continued speeding towards Sarah. I kinda gasped and screamed as I told her about the guy and said he was coming up behind her on her right.

And she got him.

laugh laugh

I went to Wendy's and sat in the car waiting for her while reading.

My client (J) called saying she'd either ruptured her membranes or was wetting her pants. I was on my way and called the other 2 midwives to alert them. My original back-up was still seeing fall leaves in the northeast.

Getting to her house, I gave her some nitrazine and she showed me it was, indeed, a deep blue color; membranes broken!

I called the other midwives who were hurrying over (remember, her last labor was half an hour... seconds after her membranes ruptured... and she'd hemorrhaged so badly she needed to be transported. I missed that birth, but made it for the hemorrhage and got her antecubetal [inside the elbow] vein to start the IV before the transport. Her Hgb 4 hours postpartum was an 8... transfusion material right there, but Hgb's go down over the first 48 hours before showing the true hemorrhage experience; she wasn't ever tested after the 8) and I began setting up.

Setting up for myself was relaxed and comfortable. I have been exhorted to set-up by other midwives when working with them, but for myself, it was gentle and easy. I'd already arranged my bags appropriately (although, rearranged them some after the experience of using my new organizational skills), so it wasn't so difficult getting things out and in their proper places.

We knew we were going to do an IV, so I pulled the equipment and supplies out for that and set them on the chair. The oxygen was on and readied, the birth equipment in my new carry-all was ready on top of the oxygen tank, the blankets and towels and washcloths with one hat were sandwiched between the heating pads on my NEW resuscitation board a client made for me last week (I love love love it, but the way... he made it with a handle cut into it and it is sturdy and holds all the equipment perfectly for the baby! I told him to come up with a price because other midwives are going to want one, too... it fits perfectly in a standard pillowcase. I have wanted one for years!), got the stuff out of her bins... Chux, peroxide, etc. and had things where they needed to be and removed things from the small room when they weren't going to be needed for awhile. I was pleased.

Sarah called in the meantime and asked where I was and when I told her that J was going to have her baby, she asked if she could bring me food. I told her sure! and then later realized she was in uniform and how humorous this could be.

We talked about crampiness and bloody show (there was none), that I didn't need to do an exam until she asked, but that I wanted to minimize them and she agreed. I'd taken vitals before even setting up and began charting the labor notes and forms that come with birthing (dates and times of significant events in labor); all was great.

Sarah arrived all bulky in her cop uniform bringing Wendy's. She sat at the kitchen counter waiting for the rest of the folks to arrive as I continued going back and forth setting up. Her mom came in breathless... is the baby here?!? why is the Sheriff here?! And we giggled, introducing Sarah as she sat eating her Wendy's. Friend after family member, the same scenario ocurred as J laughed about their nervousness when she was still walking around.

The first other midwife arrived, not nervous, knowing it was going to be Sarah and she laughed seeing her in her uniform as opposed to nice clothes at the office. She is SO imposing in that uniform!

The other midwife arrived and we began our sitting and talking that would continue through the night and into the next day.

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