Tuesday, August 03, 2004


I remember the client at the birth center who was a soprano. Her voice was so beautiful! During her pregnancy, she recorded a cd, but wouldn't let anyone hear it until after the baby was born. Her labor was nice... she laid in the bed a lot. In fact, she was from Martha's Vineyard and her mom who still lived up there, took a photo from outside the client's bedroom window, and had it blown up to fit the window of the room she wanted to birth in at the center. Because she was lying down so much, we had to turn the picture sideways, making us dizzy, but her happy.

Once the baby was born, and I mean the MOMENT the baby was born, one of the assistants was asked to hit "play" on the cd player and this mama's lovely voice wafted out of the mechanism... singing lullabies to her brand new baby girl. Her husband snapped a picture that remains on the great-selling cd to this day!

We all blubbered because it was so beautiful.

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