Sunday, August 08, 2004

The Other Voices

This will be an on-going list that began out of my birthrape blogspot. I asked others to write me and tell me what was said to them that I hadn't heard myself. Already, I am getting painful emails filled with stories of disrespect, disbelieving, and sometimes, disgusting examples of what others, who are supposed to be caregivers, have said to women in pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum.

Please send your examples to me, Barb Herrera, at


* There's not much happening here (as the midwife does a vaginal exam)

* One woman wanted to stand on her own during her births, but, both times, was forced to do a deep squat or be supported by others, causing vaginal tears and "mad" that she wasn't honored at her own births (her words).

* I had a midwife write me thanking me for disclosing what she, too, has seen in her training. Blessed Be! I am not alone!

This next series from a nurse friend of mine:

* "Stupid Bitch" (said by a Doc before he even left the room)
* The same doc (we hated this prick, he still practices) elbowed a woman (hard) in the thigh because she wouldn't open wide enough for him
* "Well, the Anesthesiologist is here now for another pt and he wants to go home, this is your last chance for an epidural"
* "If you would just stop moving we could get a good tracing on the baby" (and other variations of the same)
* "Quit being such a baby"
* "Oh come on, it doesn't hurt that bad, you are only ____cms dialated."
* "These stupid wetback women just scream and scream, I wish they would shut up" (same prick as above)
* "If you don't hurry up we will have to do a c-section"
* "No way is that one going to deliver vag, did you see the size of her?" (I personally have never seen a vag delivery of anyone over like 200, that is after preg weight)
* "No you can't walk because you are on pit" (everyone I have ever seen in labor was on pit)
* "Walking doesn't do anything for labor" (said by a doc, different one than above)
* "Oh no, she has a birth plan"
* "If you wanted to walk you should have stayed home" (after her IV is in and she is on pit now)
* "Give her a sleeper already so she will be quiet and stop bugging us"

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