Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Muslim Mom

One of the most sensuous births I attended was with a mom who was American born Anglo, but converted to being Muslim for her husband. During prenatals, we never saw more than her face... a round piece of whiteness amidst flowing robes and coverings; it was a normal matter of course.

When this mom came in in labor, however, within seconds, she was stripped naked and roaming around the room in her man's arms. Then, in bed, they began making love. Not intercourse, per se, but making love. The other midwife and I left the room after every required listen to fetal heart tones so they could continue their love making. This mom was moaning, sighing... we could hear her in her lovemaking and it was definitely voyeuristic when we had to go in for vitals and such. With averted eyes, we would do what we had to do and leave quickly. They never paused even when we were there.

This dad was pulling on her nipples, touching her vagina (clitoris, most likely), licking her neck... nuzzling her, whispering to her... and this is just what we saw in the few moments during FHT checks! It was yummy that he wanted her/loved her so much. And surely assisted the oxytocin factor tremendously.

Mom had the only birth orgasm I have ever witnessed in 21+ years of birthwork. Her baby was born over her orgasmic cries and it was amazing!

2 hours after the birth, mom, dad, and baby left the center (a few hours earlier than usual, but she was delighted to feel so good she could leave)... baby in the carseat and mom, once again, completely covered, head to foot, in her robes and coverings... except her glowing face flushed from her birth orgasms.

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Anonymous said...

what a truly beautiful story!! When in labor with my first child I at one point felt a huge urge to have an orgasm. I shared this only with my husband but neither of us understood it. It was at a hospital and not the thing to do. Gee maybe that would have helped my baby to turn her little face down and not had that c-section.
that was 23 years ago and now this daughter is expecting her first child and I am here on sites like yours trying to find my center to be able to help her as much as I can. Thanks for a beautiful site.