Sunday, August 08, 2004

Duck on Fire!

A beautiful labor... second generation homebirthing mama with 13 family members in the room (all homeborn but one), plus the cutest white dog you have ever seen. One sister had a video camera going for hours... labor was nearing its end, mom was feeling grunty and began pushing on her side on the bed.

As is typical with birth, the energy pulls people in in a spiral motion... the spiral starting further out early in labor, and the spiral closing tighter until the actual birth and then the spiral reverses and starts moving outward again. Because birth was close, everyone was tightly surrounding this lovely mama.

Her midwife (I was a second assist) always has ice for pushing because many women find the ice soothing. As this mama was pushing, she, without opening her eyes, says, "it's burning" and the midwife says, "tell me where and I will put ice on there for you."

Mom's eyes fly open and she says, "Something is BURNING!" and we all look up and not one foot from my face is a down comforter on full fire next to the bed. The midwife jumps off the bed, grabs the quilt, runs across the room with it (as embers are floating behind her!) and she tosses it into the baby pool mom hadn't gotten in at all during the birth, popping the top ring on the pool, but putting out the fire. The room started laughing hysterically at the very weirdness of the experience and the mom, having a baby (for crying out loud!) hollers at everyone, "Shut up! You all shut up!" and we stifle everything we can behind our hands and tight lips.

Mom has a beautiful girl not long after and when the subject of the fire comes up again, now we all could laugh and talk about it. The sister who had been been videotaping tells us that she had to change tapes during the Running of the Comforter! On the tape, you can see the client laboring, a huge flash of light in the corner, and then black... and then the birth. We'd missed the whole thing on tape!

The most bizarre was how, of all the people in the room, the laboring mom was the one to smell, see, sense the fire. It is yet another indication that women in labor are not so out of it they have no sensibilities.

The client tells us that when another brother came over the next day, he looked into the baby pool and saw the charred feathers and said, "What, didja have a duck?"

This client is pregnant again (my client this time) and we promised not to throw comforters on candles during the birth. laughingsmile

An aside: This baby walked at 9 months old. Well, ran at 9 months old! I had never seen anything like it before. I went to their home and she ran in the yard with knee-high grass! It was like watching a computer graphic, that's how surreal it was.

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